5 Stupid Things I Have Done To Damage My RV

Reading through my blog you may come to the conclusion that I’m a pretty competent RVer and would never do something completely bone-headed. Hah! Even the best of us is going to have their moments. I count myself lucky that I haven’t done anything to cause injury or major financial cost, but I done some damage. Here are 5 Stupid Things I Have Done To Damage My RV. I’ll go hang my head in shame now while you read on.

Using the Awning as Water Barrel

This one kind of scared us a little when it happened. We had the RV about a week and loved the new power awning. Previously in our camper van we had the old manual deploying type. So I had been playing around with it and left it out on a bright sunny day and went inside to have some dinner. Halfway through the meal the skies opened up and a huge rain downpour started. We watched it out the windows of our new RV, all cozy and snug inside. Suddenly we hear a huge whooosh..splash! Followed by a terrible banging sound. The trailer rocked side to side and we looked at each other in shock! What the H E double hockey sticks was that! Running outside I looked around and saw what had happened, the awning had filled with water until the sheer weight of it eventually bent it down and emptied a ton of water in an instant. Lucky the awning suffered no damage and is fine, however when it sprang back it caused a couple hairline cracks in the trailer’s fiberglass wall.


Front Loading Jack Not Good as a Plough

As a extra safety step when hooking up the truck I always pull forward a bit to check the hitch engagement before retracting the loading jacks completely. That way if there were a problem and the trailer came loose it would fall back on the jacks and not the truck bed. One time in New Brunswick we were camped near the St John River, beautiful spot but the sites were all un level so the rain could run of quickly back in to the river during storms. Well I lifted the jacks 4 inches or so like normal and pulled forward a few feet and immediately could hear my wife screaming whoa whoa! Lucky we had a nice soft grassy site because I was using the trailer as a plough! Ack! I got away with that one. The jacks were a little sticky the next few times but loosened up and no long term damage done. Whew.

Loading Jacks

Chocks as Speed Bumps

I have a mental chock block. This became comical. I must have run over our first set of chocks 5-6 times and eventually lost one. With one squashed chock left I sheepishly had to head of the RV parts store and buy a couple more. Next time out I ran over them! Finally I came up with a system that works for me. I use the 2 new chocks to secure the trailer then place the squashed one on the dash board. Hey, whatever works?

Chocks  Squished Chock Block

The Bouncing Pizza Oven Stone

The RV oven in our rig tended to burn the bottom of the food. I read online if you place a pizza stone at the bottom just above the gas burner it will help the oven cook more evenly. You know what, it works great! Our baked food never tasted so good. Well one thing they didn’t mention, don’t leave it in the oven! They don’t bounce real well. It didn’t take to many rough roads to figure it out though.

Pizza Stone

Broken Pizza Stone

Slide Room is a Great Carpet Cutter

Being the handy guy that I am when the dining table started to wobble I grabbed a nice big screwdriver and tightened that sucker down real well. i was proud of my great fix..for a while. Next time we deployed the slide room we were greeted to a nice rip in our new trailers carpet. Must have got a stone stuck in there I said to my wife until I explored the scene a little further and my face began to glow red. My fantastic screw tightening repair had cause the screw tips to poke through the bottom of the slide’s flooring and that caused the damage. Doh!!

Table Leg

RV (Widescreen Edition)
Price: $7.88
You save: $2.11 (21 %)
39 new from $0.6779 used from $0.01

Bonus Stupidity

I said 5 things but here is a little bonus of stupid, though this time I am not to blame. Before departing for a 1 year trip around North America I had our trusty old 94 F350 completely serviced and tuned up. One item on the list was a sticky brake cable. I guess the mechanic lost one of our metal lug nut covers because 1000 miles later coming out of Glacier National Park in Montana I found it!! Grrrrrrr.

Mad Ray

Video Clip Explaining the Stupidity

There you go 5 Stupid Things I Have Done To Damage My RV plus some bonus stupidness. If you RV enough eventually you’re going to do some thing stupid. If you’ve had a doh! moment or two, let us know. Use the comment section below, maybe we can all get a good chuckle.

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  • Barb

    We hear noice in are ceiling scratching noise How can we get rid of this We have a fifth wheel The noice is in the front at our kitchen

    • Not too sure, is it always there or just sometimes, if just sometimes I would be looking for evidence of rodents.

  • have a great low milage ol RV I want to store when I am not here. usually live in Germany and Italy. I am a sculptor. LA – San Diego area. ideal would be caring person who wants to use RV an equivilant of one weekend a month as storage exchange. More often use possible. also partnering could be possible. I am here at most once a year or even two.

  • Dave’n’Kim

    The Rat Crap Mystery.
    I have a separate Funny Story (not sure if you have a Funny Story section? Yet?), hope it’s OK to post it here.
    When we bought our 5th wheel it was in storage over winter 2006 (Pyramid Lake by the I-5 in S-CA) while I was still living in UK. On a check, Kim found it occupied by rats, so we had to clean it up when I immigrated and we finally got it out onto the road. Over the next few days – and weeks – while I lived in it at a couple of different campgrounds, we’d STILL come across the odd ‘rat pellet’ in the bath tub. What The Heck?! Kim was obsessed we had a resident Stowaway – yet no other evidence, and I’d done a pretty good job stopping up all the many entry ways you only realise are there once you’ve had such uninvited guests!
    Finally after about 3 months I solved the mystery. At head-height in the shower area I’d installed a simple plastic basket, for holding soap, shampoo, whatever. It contained an old scented soap bar I never used. I found it had nibble marks in it. Those rats had somehow climbed up or along the plastic walls (!!) and been eating the soap (!!!) and left a few pellets behind in the basket – which then rattled out of the holes into the bathtub on subsequent road journeys!

    • Haha, thanks for the stories. that’s a good idea to have a funny story section, hmmm, have to look into that. Rats are amazing critters. We once thought we had mice in the trailer, because every morning we would hear scratching sounds above our heads in bed, I thought they must be in the ceiling. Turned out it was little birds showing up to eat dead insects off the front cap of the fifth-wheel. My wife was very relieved. 🙂

  • Dave’n’Kim

    Great items Ray. I think they are all ‘minor’ and nothing to be ashamed of! The carpet one is closest to my likely level of DOH! occurances, but must admit we can’t think of anything major we have suffered (YET!! – but about to embark on 4-month-8tates-incl-Canada trip!).
    The “Exploding Bottle Of Coke” is all I can recall – it got trapped behind a ‘wing’ of a slide-out when we opened it without checking first!

  • Great and very interesting and comical post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, we had a laugh remembering…not so much at the time. 😉