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In my LYRV monthly newsletter I usually have a section called “Ray’s Pick – Helpful RVing Website of the Month”. These are websites that I find really aid us when out there traveling in our RV.

Things like finding a campsite, checking the weather, where to fill up the rig, trip routing etc. Below is a collection of my recommended links for RVing from past newsletter issues.

Safe Travel USA

A really handy site to have in your bookmarks. Basically, it has all the states department of transportation websites link together in one place. Makes it easy to access highway conditions along your route. –

Safe Travel USA

RV Park Reviews

This is one of my go-to sites for reviews on prospective RV Parks. The site is super easy to navigate. There is a map and you can drill down from different states to cities and display all the parks in the area.  I find the reviews, for the most part, to be fairly reliable. I usually ignore the best and the worst for a park and concentrate on what the majority of the reviewers say.-

RV Park Reviews

National Forest Locator Map

Really cool interactive interface showing all the national forests, click on one and it opens up a clickable link to its regions home page. I love the topography of it as well. –

Mile by Mile Road Trip Planner

This is a neat trip planning site. I really like the map interface. The look of the website is a little dated but works well and has loads of information. The coolest feature on the site is the printable PDF. It will convert your route to PDF for easy printing or offline viewing.

Mile by Mile Road Map

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I use this site specifically for its trip mapping feature. It allows me to record my routes and save my trips each year. Also, I can share the map with folks back home so they can follow along. – Here is my map as an example. – Ray’s RV Travel Map


Good RV Food

I’m the main cook in our RV family. I discovered this helpful website just a little bit ago and love it. Nicely laid out navigation and tons of recipes written with RVers in mind. –

Good RV Food

Frugal RV Travel

This site has a wealth of information about traveling in an RV without breaking the bank. Top on the list of resources is the Frugal Shunpiker’s RV Travel Guides. Well worth the price if you plan to do any boondocking in the US South West. –

Frugal RV Travel

USCampgrounds Info

The most comprehensive guide to Federal, State, Provincial, and Local campgrounds
I find this website especially handy for planning our boondocking adventures as it lists most of the free BLM dispersed camping spots. Lots of good info on public camping areas and it does Canada too. –

US Campgrounds Info

RV Service Reviews

Recently, when we had a broken jack incident with our fifth wheel, one of my RVing friends sent me this great link. I was way too far off the grid to use it but it looks like a great resource. Always nice to hear real folks opinions on service places. Definitely worth a bookmark just in case you find yourself broken down and wondering where to get the rig serviced. *The site also covers Canada. –

RV Service Reviews

Air Sports Net

I really love this site for gathering weather information, particularly wind speeds and directions around the state I’m currently RVing in. Very simple to use interface maps. It’s nice to know what sort of winds I may be headed for during a day of towing the rig. Many times it will influence my chosen route or whether we even go. –

Air Sports Net

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Oh Ranger

I often use this handy website or free app to help plan our visits to National and State Parks. It provides camping information as well as ideas on what to do and places to explore while visiting the parks.-

Oh Ranger

Find Fuel Stops

On this website, you’ll find a super handy tool for locating tons of information on the truck stops and places to park the rig along your route. –

Ready To Find A Truck Stop?
To get started, enter an origin city and state, a destination city and state, choose your sort order, and press the Search button. Omitting the destination will return every truck stop within a 100 mile radius of the origin. If you are taking a route other than what we return, enter a Via city to change to your routing. You may omit city and state and just enter the zip code. Check the “Allow No Fuel” box to also see truck / RV friendly stores, rest areas, and more.

Here’s an example route from Palm Springs to Tucson. Really handy free tool!


I discovered this website when Google searching for perspective camping spots. It kept popping up with good information when researching free boondocking spots. It has a growing database of free and public lands camping sites plus the usual RV Parks, NP and State Parks with members reviews and pictures. One to bookmark. –


Wildfire Info

This is a terrific website to get the latest detailed information on wildfires. I find it to be very well laid out and very easy to navigate. –
Wildfire Info

Ultimate US & Canada Public Campground Project

This extensive database of campsites is terrific for boondockers like ourselves. It is free to use on the web or a small fee for the apps. You can also download the POI list to use with your GPS. Cool! I like it because it gives a nicely uncluttered map view with good info on the campsites. Also, I found the online map to be very responsive. Thumbs up. –
Ultimate Campground Project

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Handy site for searching out perspective casinos that allow overnight RV parking. Casinos are rated and reviews left by other RVers. –
Casino Camper


This is an excellent resource if you need to acquire a good old fashion paper map for an area. The site has an easy to navigate mapping feature with icons. Click on one and a pop up gives information on the site and links to more resources including a paper map. –
Public Lands

TV Fool

This is an excellent free website to find OTA (Over The Air) TV stations in your area. When I arrive at a campsite I can bring up information and coverage maps telling me what TV stations are available, signal strength and which direction to point my roof top antenna for best reception. –
TV Fool

Elevation Calculator

I find this simple little tool very handy when planning our route. I can quickly plot points along the potential roads and see what kind of grades I may face with the RV. Here is an example I put in showing the trip from Indio, California up to Joshua Tree NP. You can easily see there are a few good size hills and the elevation changes quite a bit. –
Elevation Calculator

NHTSA Website

Search for recall information – Handy website to check up on safety recalls for your RV, tow vehicle or equipment. –

Recall Notices

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Here is a terrific site to find a Sani dump station near you. They have a huge database of dump locations all over the US and Canada and even some other countries. Search for dumps by city or zip/postal codes. –


I’ve found – a site with all the different local county offices listed, pretty accurate for my own purposes and thought others might think so as well. It has a great number of local county and state offices with phone numbers, addresses and directions nationwide – I’ve found it very accurate. At the very least, it has helped to eliminate my own headaches trying to dig up contact details when I’m trying to make a phone call.  Thanks to Love Your RV reader Loretta for this website tip. –

County Offices


For more RV Resource Links, see this post over on my RV Happy Hour site.

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