Kemberly Atwood RV Ladder Safety Tip

Just a little RV safety tip. If you have an Atwood RV ladder like mine, it uses plastic end caps to hold the metal ladder steps in place. Over time I’ve found they get brittle and begin to crack. Sometimes they split right in half. A big safety issue.

It’s a good idea to inspect them every once in awhile especially after they have been exposed to cold weather. I usually buy a bunch at one time and replace as needed. Also, make sure no screws have rattled loose at the mounting points.

Ladder plastic end cap

Atwood RV ladder

For replacement parts do a search for “kemberly atwood RV ladder parts” or part number “vlprbs”   I usually pick them up at an RV parts dealer. Here is a place selling them online two for $12 -14.80. Ebay may be another source. From my research online I gather the original manufacturer was called Kemberly and was bought out by Atwood.

Kemberly Ladder Rung End Cap

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