Plug Saver for the 7-Way Trailer Connector *Updated*

7-Way Plug Cover

I just received a product sample from a company called GR Innovations LLC and after looking at it I can’t believe it isn’t standard equipment. It’s a plastic cap that fits over the fifth wheel trailers electrical plug for lights and brakes when not in use.

The 7-way receptacle on my pickup truck has a nice spring loaded cover for the electrical contacts but the female plug on the fifth wheel doesn’t. This leaves the bare metal contacts wide open to the elements like moisture, salt air, insects, dirt, etc. These are the contacts in which electric current to the trailer brakes, signal, and running lights flows through. It’s critical to have a solid connection.

Plug Saver by GR Innovations

There’ve been multiple times during our routine pre-trip lights and brake check where something wasn’t working and every time it was due to a poor connection in the trailers 7-way plug.

When traveling the west coast we experience a lot of salty air and in the desert regions, fine dust is whipped up by the wind. Both can play havoc with electrical connections.

Plug Saver Cap for 7 Way

Not too much to say about the Plug Saver, it’s a simple device that helps keep the contacts clean. It’s recommended to apply a little dielectric grease to the inside to keep moisture out. It’s made in the USA out of quality material.

I liked the fact that they added a tab with a hole. It will allow me to tie it onto the cord so I don’t lose it.

Plug Saver Cap Installed

Permatex 22058 Dielectric Tune-Up Grease, 3 oz. Tube
Price: $5.69
You save: $6.10 (52 %)
66 new from $5.690 used

Update – Six Months Later

I’ve had the chance to use the Plug Saver for about a year now in different conditions from the rainy salt air of the west coast to the dry dusty southwest desert and it’s a winner. It was particularly handy this snowbird season down in the desert at keeping the blowing dust out of my connection. In the past, this has gummed up my connection on several occasions. This time, the contacts stayed in great shape and trailer brakes and lights suffered no intermittent issues.Ray

New GRI Product for Travel Trailers Owners

The same little family owned US company (GR Innovations) recently released a new product to help travel trailer owners organize their chains and tow cables. It’s a simple but very well designed bracket that clamps to the front jack pole with two screws. It comes in nylon or anodized aluminum versions. I’ve received a sample of the anodized aluminum version and give it a thumbs up for quality.

GR Innovations Towing Organizer

GR Innovations Towing Organizer

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  • Jim Lytle

    Ray I’ve often thought about the cord end, every time I snap the lid closed on my truck. This is a great idea. Question, does that dielectric grease build up on the plug? And do you just plug in through it?

    • I added a thin coating of Permatex dielectric grease to the metal contacts of the plug months ago and it’s worked fine.
      Keeps the contacts from oxidizing. I think it’s really a great idea especially if storing the RV or parked for a long time.
      Just have to be sure to not drop the plug into a pile of sand or its a mess. 🙂
      The contact pressure allows a good connection even though the grease is non-conductive.

  • Brent Besse

    Hi Ray,
    Great device.
    I looked into getting one shipped up and it got pricey real quick, with the poor exchange rate and shipping costs, I decided not to get one.
    After looking at a one from Grote thru Princess Auto and findingout they don’t carry it, I ordered the Fastway 7-Pin Plug Cover ( from Amazon. I received it today and am very happy.

    • Nice, you would think they would just come with one. Like a no brainer.