Seven Boneheaded RVing Mistakes Made

1. Don’t Forget your Water Regulator

One time while I was packing up to leave I got to talking with another friendly RVer and it took my mind off the task of disconnecting the water hookups. In the process I totally forgot to disconnect my $75 dollar Valterra brass water regulator. Now there is a new item added to our departure checklist, “Did you remove and store the water regulator?


2. Water Hose on Sewer Hose Bin

If you have watched one of my YouTube RVing tips videos called 11 Quick Little RVing Tips  you may have noticed a big faux pas on my part. While explaining the usefulness of carrying a water thief hookup I inadvertently threw the fresh water hose on my bin used to carry my sewer hose extension and adapters. Yes ewww and yuck and several people have since pointed it out in comments and emails. Make sure to separate fresh water stuff from gray and black water stuff.

3. Left Galley Valve Open

My Cougar fifth wheel has three waste tank valves. Two are located near the plumbing hookups but the third galley tank valve is buried under the slide out and up between the tires. Because of this I have on a few occasions screwed up and left it wide open. So, the next time I went to dump, splooshh, out poured a bunch of dirty dishwater. I’ve since solved that problem by adding a fourth twist-on type valve at the very end of the sewer output pipe.

Valterra T58 Twist-On Waste Valve
Price: $23.39
You save: $2.56 (10 %)
38 new from $17.001 used from $40.50

4. Desert Wind Means Dust!

We were newbies to the desert in early 2012. While visiting southern Utah we had set up on the rim of an amazing red rock canyon and were really enjoying the views. Suddenly a storm came through and whipped up the wind and dust. Not knowing any better and because it was hot we left the screen door and windows open. Big mistake! We had red dust in our RV for weeks after that.

Goosenecks State park

5. Double Check Fridge when Storing the RV

One spring I was to house sit for my sister while her family was on vacation. We decided to park the RV in the driveway and live in her house for a few weeks. I shut down the RV and emptied the fridge, so I thought! I messed up and left a small package of frozen chopped spinach hiding in the freezer door. OMG, what a green moldy mess greeted me when I opened the fridge two weeks later. I had even forgot to prop open the door. That was a hard lesson learned reinforced by the cleaning task that followed.

6. Weight Down Bucket in Truck Bed

I like to carry a spare bucket along when RVing to use for rig washing or as a garbage bin, etc.  I don’t have room for it in the trailers storage bays so it rides in the back of the pickup. I generally weigh it down with something but one day I forgot. Sure enough when we hit highway speed the bucket became air born, bounced around and flew off into the ditch. I know this was a dangerous mistake and luckily I was on a low traffic highway at the time. I now have added to our departure list a special note to check the bucket and for other loose things in the pickup bed.

4 Cord RV Shade Repair Kit, White
Price: $22.99
1 new from $22.990 used

7. Avoid Blowing Landing Jack Fuse

I’ve learned four different ways to blow my fifth wheel landing gears protection fuse.

  1. Extend the legs too far
  2. Retract the legs too far
  3. Attempt to lift the truck with the landing gear
  4. Extended and setup the rear stabilizer jacks before the front landing gear.


We all make mistakes RVing. Hopefully sharing mine will help others (especially you newbies) avoid at least these ones.  Cheers Ray

Also see 5 Stupid Things I Have Done To Damage My RV   🙂


Seven RVing Mistakes Video

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  • Laura

    This has a lot of good info I’m in a similar boat as Jennifer. I have a lot further to go, I don’t even know which will work better for me. RV or 5er.

  • Jennifer DeSchepper

    Thank you Ray I enjoy your website!!!!!

  • Jennifer DeSchepper

    Ray I have always wanted to be a full time RVer but am a single woman. I am concerned about safety issues and being bored out of my mind with traveling along. It would be nice to have a group of people to travel with. Any tips or thoughts regarding these concerns.

    • Hi Jennifer, Do a search on Google for “solo RVers” you’ll find quite a bit of info. Sites like this Once you find a few blogs by singles you’ll likely find links to others. There may also be a Facebook group dedicated to it. I’ve seen many single women out there RVing full time and loving it. Best of luck! Ray

  • I would like to add one for toads. Make sure you have a checklist and then double check it all. On our last trip I thought I had put the jeep’s transfer case into neutral but I actually put it in 4wd high. When I stopped to get food the front differential was spewing gear oil because it was over heated. It doesn’t seem to have caused perm damage but that could have been an expensive mistake

    • Thanks for the cautionary tale. Lucky you decided to stop to get food. 🙂

  • Monte Kern

    Good tips. The first one brings to mind one of my pet peeves, visitors as we are breaking camp, especially when hooking up the toad. I try not to bother someone while they are in the process of setting up or breaking down as it leads to just the scenario you described. If we get a persistent yacker, my wife tries to run interference for me by occupying them as I complete my outside chores.

  • Edward J Schuman

    Yes. We even have some collapsible food storage bowls. Saves a lot of space. Truly enjoy your advice. Have used many of them. TU.

    • Thanks. 🙂

    • Jennifer DeSchepper

      Hello Mr. Ed I am hoping to beome a full time RVer within the next year. Do you have internet in your RV and if so, how do you get internet as you travel and how much a month is it? Jennifer

      • Edward J Schuman

        No Jenn I do not anything special for Internet. Just use my iPhone/iPad cellular connection. Some campsites/campgrounds do offer WiFi.
        Mr Ed. Lol

        • Jennifer DeSchepper

          Thank you so much for you response. Be blessed

  • Edward J Schuman

    I have been using collapsible pails and trash buckets

    • Good idea, do you find them to be pretty durable.

      • Edward J Schuman

        Yes there ok.