Use the Fresh Water Hose to Save Your RV Slide Out

Worried about the slideout hitting an object like the power pedestal or a tree when setting up at the campsite? Some of us aren’t that good at estimating distances.

Add some tape on your fresh water hose marking the width of the slide out when it’s fully extended. Now you have a convenient way to measure the available space before opening the slide out.

A simple tip to save possible damage to your RV slide wall and your fresh water hose is out and ready to get hooked up.

Hose to measure slide out tip

Teknor Apex 8602-25 NeverKink RV/Marine Hose - 5/8" x 25'
Price: $23.86
40 new from $16.940 used

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  • Johnny

    Awning issue.. My awning when closed rolls up crooked and the rails don’t connect for travel. It’s like they twist when closing.. Help straighten when closing

  • Nicole

    I always heard, and it holds true for our slides, that if you put your back against the rig and extend your arms out in front of you, that’s how much room you need for your slide. No hose or tape needed.

    • Might work if your arms are the right length to match your slide. Just tried it on my big slide out and I’m 4 inches short of the outside edge, my wife would be even shorter as she is smaller.

      • Nicole

        Thanks for the info, Ray! I wasn’t sure how much variability there was to the slide depth. This trick works on ours, thankfully.

        • On my slide, I can stand one shoulder against the rig and extend the other arm out and it is just about perfect. I use that quite often too. Whatever works. 🙂

  • ray

    or you could use a tape measure

    • holoh

      If you want to do things the hardest way possible, why are you reading about RV tips?

      Why go to the trouble of getting a tape measure out every time and having to remember how much your slide sticks out? With this tip, you are going to attach the hose right beside the slide anyway, so there are exactly zero additional steps necessary.