Akaso DL12 Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Review

Akaso DL12 Mirror Dashcam Feature Photo

In this video, I unbox, install, and demonstrate the new Akaso DL12 Rear View Mirror Dashcam. I then take it for a little drive and let you see what the real-life image looks like plus the front and rear video footage. *Fair Disclosure* I received this Akaso DL12 dashcam free of charge as a review … Read more

Akaso Trace 1 Pro Dash Cam Review

Akaso Trace 1 Pro Dashcam Review Feature Photo

In the video, I install and review the new Akaso Trace 1 Pro dashcam. You’ll see its many features, settings, and actual footage from my test drives. The Akaso Trace 1 Pro features front and rear-facing cameras for a 340-degree view, WiFi connectivity via a smartphone app, GPS tracking, Sony Starvis night vision, parking monitor, … Read more

Black Butte Lake Recreation Area Camping, Northern California

Orland Butte Campground Feature Photo

A look at the Black Butte Lake Recreation Area, located between Sacramento and Redding, California, about 10 miles west of Interstate 5. The video includes some dashcam footage and information about the two campgrounds, Orland Butte and Buckhorn. It also includes video footage from the Black Butte Dam observation overlook and down along Stony Creek. … Read more