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Hello, my name is Ray, and I Love my RV! Over thirteen years ago my wife and I sold our home and bought a brand new fifth-wheel trailer. We set off on an amazing one-year journey traveling all around the US and Canada. About 3 months into the trip we knew this was the life for us. We loved the RV lifestyle and have continued it as full-timers traveling south in the winters and retreating to the north for the summers.

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My wife Anne has switched from a career in software development to one that she truly loves as a nomadic landscape photographer. Because of this we seek out and enjoy the most beautiful natural surroundings we can find. With the RV, we can immerse ourselves in some breathtaking spots and soak up the amazing scenery.

Boondocking in the Us South West

Love Your RV! is Created

Early on I started a blog as a way of keeping family and friends up to date on our travels. As time went by and we fully embraced our new RVing life the blog grew and I added more and more content that was aimed at helping out other RVers. Today the Love Your RV website contains not only my personal travel blog but also has sections with RV tips, modifications, upgrades, and product reviews.

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My goal is to help other RVers, especially those just getting started, by showing what has worked for me and how I did it. I try to put out the kind of information I would want to see. It really makes me feel good when I get a comment or email from a fellow RVer thanking me for an article or video that has really helped them.

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If you are interested each month I put out the LYRV Newsletter. The newsletter contains a little more personal information about our journeys and what we are up to plus some Helpful Tips.

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As the Love Your RV! website has evolved since starting up in late 2012 I started to utilized video content more and more. The LYRV YouTube channel was born and now has over 70,000 subscribers and hundreds of videos. Check it out at YouTube.com/LoveYourRV and hit the subscribe button.

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If you would like to support my efforts I do have several affiliate arrangements. If you buy a product or service they kick me back a small commission. Here is a link to my Affiliates Page. Thanks! Ray

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