Big Buddy Propane Heater Maintenance + 8 Year Review Update

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This video updates you on how our Mr. Heater Big Buddy portable propane heater is making out after eight years. We often use it when dry camping to save on propane and battery power versus the large RV ducted gas furnace. It’s particularly helpful to take the chill off during long cool winter evenings when boondocking in the southwestern desert.

I detail the routine maintenance I perform to keep it running in peak form. In addition to the pilot light, the unit has a couple of gas output ports to clean and make sure they are free of dust and debris.

Big Buddy Heater Opened Up

Then, I show you the low-pressure quick connection I DIY plumbed into our existing RVs LP gas system. Using its low pressure quick-connect port makes the Buddy heater convenient to set up, safer, and no extra propane cylinders to worry about. We love our Big Buddy!

Big Buddy Heater with Two Panels Lit

Big Buddy Heater Maintenance + 8 Year Review Update Video

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Big Buddy Maintenance and 8 Year Update

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