Borrego Springs Metal Sculptures

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While doing some boondocking in Anza-Borrego State Park in mid-Dec 2012 we took the couple of miles drive into the little town of Borrego Springs.  There will be more about our adventures at Anza-Borrego State park in a later post. For now, I would like to concentrate on the metal sculptures we came across just north of town.

Borrego Springs Metal Sculptures Borrego Springs Metal Sculptures

Obliviously Anne loved them! They were built by artist  Ricardo A. Breceda and commissioned by an heir to the Avery Labels fortune (Dennis Avery).  Great article on the Borrego Springs Metal Sculptures I found online at  We had heard about them on the net while researching the area but when you drive down  the road it’s still a thrill to view them in real life. You see them standing out in the desert and it’s like you’re in one of those old cheesy “B” movies that use to play on Saturday afternoons.  One of the favorites for me was the 350 ft. giant serpent! It like the others had amazing detail when you got up close.

Borrego Springs Serpent Metal SculptureBorrego Springs Sculpture photo with Anne

Anne taking a photo gives you a good idea of the beasts scale.

Borrego Springs Serpent Metal Sculpture

I had my camcorder handy and took some clips of the various beasts we found on our Borrego Springs Metal Sculptures hunt. It was a beautiful day and a fun way to spend a late afternoon.

There are many more in the area to find and we hope to on our return visit planned in the new year.  Stay tuned and if you haven’t signed up for email updates do it now!


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