South to Carolina

Well we have been beating a path south lately following the sun and staying away from freezing temps. After New Hampshire we drove down to New York state and boondocked at a Walmart near Bingingham. Next 2 days we mostly travelled to get into Virginia and explored Shenandoah National Park. Saw lots of nice autumn … Read more

Maine and New Hampshire

Well we crossed back into the US of A at Northern Maine to go visit my fellow TV tech Brian who lives in Caribou, Maine. He was nice enough to let us camp out on his property. We hung out for a couple fun days of good food, drink and playing with his cool sheep … Read more

Bay of Fundy

Well we returned from Newfoundland and headed down to Peggy’s Cove for a few relaxing days. Peggy’s and the surrounding little coves were very cute and postcard like and we were blessed with some calm sunny weather and a couple foggy mornings. Luckily next to our campsite was a place you could get lobster right … Read more

Goodbye Newfoundland

Had a great time in Newfoundland but the weather is changing and getting cooler so it’s time to start heading south. We had some nice hikes along the coastline and even came apon a couple of moose grazing in the forest. We had quite the mix of weather during our stay, some days were sunny … Read more

Landed on the rock, Newfoundland

Wow! What a ferry trip. We arrived at the terminal a couple hours early like they say to for a 3pm departure time,but the loading is delayed and we finally get on the boat about 4:30pm. It’s suppose to be a 5 hour crossing to Port Aux Basque, Newfoundland.but the seas start getting rough and … Read more

Fort Louisberg

 While waiting for the long weekend to end so we can go to Newfoundland, we decided to take a day trip to Fort Louisberg. Started out foggy but soon cleared up. We had a good time touring the fort and had a nice lunch of mussels, bread and cheese in a recreated old town inn … Read more

Cape Breton

We drove from PEI to Cape Breton and aside from the main TransCanada Hwy the roads are horrible. They have nasty potholes, cracks and heaves, poor Cougar, our trailer. One cabinet door came unhinged and most of Anne’s undies were on the bedroom floor. Spent a few hours tightening and checking screws and bolts after … Read more

PEI here we are

Drove the Confederation bridge across the Northumberland Strait into PEI. Wow what a engineering accomplishment. It’s a 8 mile link between New Brunswick and PEI. The longest bridge across ice covered waters in the world. PEI is beauiful! Most of the Island is rural farm land filled with quaint little villages and marinas. The beaches … Read more

Borked Tranny

We stayed in New Brunswick a little longer than planned due to a transmission failure on the big blue truck. 🙁 The torque converter started to slip causing the brain to put the tranny into limp mode. Was able to clear the codes by unhooking the batteries but on the next tough pull up a … Read more

Relaxing on the banks of the St John river, NB

Made it into New Brunswick and snagged a great campsite along the ST John river about 100 miles east of Fredericton. We are going to spend a week camped here to avoid the crowds of long weekend campers invading the more well known tourist areas. Today Anne and I went to Kings Landing Historical Town, … Read more

Whale watching on the St Lawrence Seaway

Took a nice 3 hour boat cruise today to find whales in the St Lawrence. Was a great day for it sunny and mild and calm waters, boat was great and we saw a bunch of whales. There were a pile of Minke and Fin whales swimming in pods sometimes of 7 or 8 no … Read more


Well we made it across ontario and are into Quebec, yay! Ontario was so hot and humid with bugs that want all your blood, yuck, we drove from Michigan all the way to near Ottawa but got stuck in a little town 50 miles east called Renfrew because the tranny on the big blue ford … Read more

Lake Superior

We are on the shore of Lake Superior, traveled yesterday over to Munising, Michigan still on the shore of Superior. Now crossed 3 times zones! Going on a boat cruise tonight to view the Picture Rocks Crossing over at Sault Ste Marie then heading to visit Ottawa and Quebec before we make it to … Read more

Travel Map

Currently in Bayfield, Nothern Wisconsin on the shore of Lake Superior, still hot and muggy 92 degree today, thank god for the fifth wheels AC. added a travel map showing the stops see in signature. 90 degrees was a lot more tolerable in Montana where it was dryTrip Map: photos,blog and videos: