Happy 4th of july

Happy 4th everyone, currently in a campground near Hot Springs , South Dakota. It’s right at the south end of the Black Hills. This is a very cool area so we have been here a week and checked out all the sights, Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore, Custer State park, Wind Cave National Park. Seen tons … Read more

Blown Tire

Left Glacier today and overnighted at a Try truck stop in Great Falls, Montana. Had a bit of excitement on the road as one of my back dually tires decided to let out all it’s air in a rapid fashion, it was like gee what’s that weird noise, being a dually I didn’t realize it … Read more

Trip underway

trip is underway! So far we headed across Washington state and stayed at a campground on the snake river and explored the palouse hills then drove up to Glacier National park. so far the rig is handling great, only problem was had to stop near the top of a pass in Idaho because the heat … Read more