Trip from Cortes Island to Octopus Islands via “Hole in the Wall”

Von Donop Inlet to Octopus Islands Feature Photo

This video shows the sights and sounds along our route from Von Donop Marine Park to Octopus Islands Marine Park in the Discovery Islands, BC. One highlight is a transit through a narrow passage called “Hole in the Wall.” Timing has to be just right when the often fast-flowing tidal currents slacken, especially given that … Read more

Off Grid Fresh Water Gadgets for Boating + Pod of Dolphins!

Fresh Water and Dolphins Feature Photo

Early August 2023, we spent a few cloudy, rainy days in the Lund Harbour Marina, preparing to set sail on Vestri for a few months of wandering. In this video, I show you a few gadgets I have on board for acquiring, filtering, and pumping fresh water. I’ve been using them when out boondocking the … Read more

Sea Lions, Humpbacks and Gorge Harbour, Cortes Island BC

Humpback Whales and Gorge Harbour Feature Photo

Back out on the boat for a trip to Gorge Harbour on Cortes Island near Campbell River, BC, and what a wildlife viewing treat on the way! First, we spotted too many sea lions trying to fit on a red marker buoy. And then a special show from some humpback whales, including a half dozen … Read more

Anne Gives a Video Tour of Our 1976 CHB 34′ Trawler

Touring Vestri with Anne Feature Photo

In this video, my lovely wife Anne shows you around our newly acquired 1976 vintage CHB trawler. She leads us through “Vestri” from the outside decks into each of the three inside cabins.  Anne is the captain and chief navigator, so she details various tools she uses to pilot Vestri and safely route us between … Read more

Side Shift Bow Thruster Repair – Faulty Power Switch Mod

Faulty Bow Thruster Joystick Feature Photo

DIY repair to our Side Shift bow thruster to get it working for ten bucks versus $350 for a new wireless joystick module. In my case, the only problem with it was a faulty power button. I solved the issue by soldering on an external momentary power switch. Captain Anne was most pleased to have … Read more