Poverty Flats AKA Snowbird Mesa Free Camping

Poverty Flats Feature Photo

Poverty Flats AKA Snowbird Mesa in Southern Nevada Last year while visiting the Valley of Fire State Park in southern Nevada I saw a neat looking boondocking location just a few miles south of the town of Overton along Highway 169 called Poverty Flats AKA Snowbird Mesa. It’s really just a flat rocky area on … Read more

How Much Money Do We Save By Dry Camping?

RV Park vs Dry Camping Feature Photo

Dry Camping (A.K.A.) Boondocking VS. Full Hookup RV Park We have been out exploring the desert of Southern California and Arizona this winter and for the last month of January done it without hooking up at an RV Park once. So a solid month spent dry camping, providing for our own services like water, electricity … Read more

Quartzsite 2014 for Big Tent RV Show

Quartzsite 2014 Feature Photo

Rolling into Quartzsite 2014 We rolled into Quartzsite (The Grand Gathering) a few days before the start of the Big Tent RV show. This is when Quartzsite reaches its peak in quantity of RVs camped out in the surrounding desert. All around Quartzsite are sections of desert where RVers show up to dry camp. There … Read more

Salton Sea Camping on Corvina Beach

Salton Sea Corvina Beach Feature Photo

The Salton Sea Calls Us After boondocking in Anza-Borrego for a week we headed to a favorite casino called the Red Earth Casino. We like it because it has everything a boondocker needs after a stint out in the desert. They provide free sani-dumps, fresh water and overnight RV parking. Also it usually has the … Read more

More RV Boondocking in Anza-Borrego State Park

More Borrego Feature Photo

New Year Visit to Anza-Borrego State Park This winter we once again found ourselves back in a new favorite boondocking location near Borrego Springs, California.  Again, we would to ring in the New Year in this special place. Clark Dry Lake Boondocking Area I don’t really know why I’m drawn to such a barren, dry … Read more

Water Thief Tip

Water Bandit RV Tip In some cases when RVing and wanting to acquire fresh water, you may run into a source where your standard filling hose connection won’t work. Maybe the threads are worn, the wrong size or there are none. I ran into this situation last fall in Joshua Tree National Park. They had … Read more

Use Portable Propane Heater while Dry Camping

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy By using an indoor-safe portable propane  heater when dry camping in cool temperatures you can save a lot of power in your RV batteries. When running the big RV furnace substantial power is used to drive the furnace fan which can quickly wear down your RV battery. By using a … Read more