RV Ladder Gadget Review

Ladder Gadget Review Feature Photo

A little while ago, I received an email from some long-time RVers. They offered to send me out a sample of their new product for hanging things off the RV called the Ladder Gadget. I usually get offered gadgets like these, and they look cheaply made and flimsy, and I pass. However, this one seemed … Read more

Love Your RV! Product Showcase Page on Amazon

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*Warning* Beginning shameless self-promotion. If this offends you please hit the back button now. 😉 For many years now Love Your RV! has been part of the Amazon Associates program. I earn a small commission when a reader shops through a special affiliate link posted on the website. Recently Amazon has offered an extension to the associate … Read more

EZ Snap Exterior RV Window Shade Installation

EZ Snap RV Window Shade Install Feature Photo

My wife and I spend our RV summers backed onto a beautiful Vancouver BC salt water estuary. We enjoy peaceful scenery and abundant wildlife viewing through the large rear picture window of our Keystone Cougar fifth wheel trailer. Unfortunately, the window faces southwest. During the late afternoon/early evening, the sun pours into our rig, and we roast. … Read more