Use Bleach Spray Bottle for Campground Tap

Bleach the Campground Water Tap Tip One tip I found useful was to carry a spray bottle full of bleach. Before connecting to the campground tap I give it a quick spray to sterilize it. If the tap is low enough it may of been used by a dog to relieve himself. And you never … Read more

Use Portable Propane Heater while Dry Camping

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy By using an indoor-safe portable propane  heater when dry camping in cool temperatures you can save a lot of power in your RV batteries. When running the big RV furnace substantial power is used to drive the furnace fan which can quickly wear down your RV battery. By using a … Read more

RV Cutting Board Cleaning Tip

RV sink covers

How to get your white RV sink covers clean If your like me and have those white dual purpose cutting board and sink covers then you know over time they will get dingy looking. Food will stain them and they generally get a gray look to them. A tip to get them nice and gleaming … Read more

RV Forum Questions Not To Ask

Introduction While reading many RV forums over the last few years I’ve watch as a few topics always seem to blow up into extensive threads with many replies and comments. Unfortunately, many times these forum threads degrade into outright arguments and bad feelings or they are just a big long rehash of previously answered questions. … Read more

Tips for Saving Money When RVing

Money Saving Tips Feature Image

Introduction Being that we aren’t yet famously wealthy and unable to work the six months we spend down south visiting the United States during the winter, we really have to watch our budget. In the last four years traveling full time in our RV, we have figured out some ways to be frugal and save … Read more

Keep a Well Stocked First Aid Kit in the RV

RV First Aid Kit

When embarking on a your RV journey always carry a well stocked first aid kit. During your travels you may encounter road accidents and need to apply first aid until help arrives. Many times our camp sites are out far from the nearest medical center so help may take a while to reach you. Also … Read more