Keep a Battery Operated Weather Alert Radio in the RV

Portable Weather Radio

It’s a great idea for safety to keep some kind of battery powered weather alert radio handy when RVing. Storms can come up quick and are much more dangerous to us in our RV’s. High winds, hail, tornadoes, flash floods can cause damage and injury. Get one with an automatic alert mode.  

RV Refrigerators Misdiagnosed

RV Refridgerator

FRVTS has just launched its fifth video on money-saving DIY tips, for the RV owner. You can see all of our DIY and RV information at our YouTube Channel start here Or Google FRVTS Our videos are geared to help you the RV owner troubleshoot and make minor repairs. At the very least, we … Read more

Pick up the eBook “Tips for the RV Life” for free

Tips for the RV Life eBook

Head over to the information page at and get a free copy of this great tips eBook by signing up to the Love Your RV! monthly newsletter. Or for a no sign up, instant download free eBook check out my 46 RV Tips and Tricks from Love Your RV! – Cheers Ray The eBook you’ll receive … Read more

12 Volt Slow Cooker

12 volt Slow Cooker

Arrive at the RV Site with a tasty meal cooking – 12 Volt Slow Cookers with cigarette adapter allow the night’s food to cook while traveling to the campsite. Arrive with a nice yummy cooked meal waiting to eat.

Ice Balloons for the cooler

Found this great tip at Looks like a useful tip for RV and Camping as well. To keep your drinks cold and your party festive this summer, fill balloons with water and freeze. It’s cheaper than ice from the store and you won’t have to worry about sticking your hand into water cold enough … Read more

Better RV Shower Tip

oxygenics shower head

Replace your OEM shower head with one from Oxygenics and enjoy a more powerful spray and save water. Ideal for boondocking. Even with low campground water pressure you’ll enjoy a better shower. I have recently installed this unit and very pleased with it and my new faucets. Check out this posting for details and a … Read more