Water Splitter

Water Splitter photo

Use a water splitter on the campground water supply, this way you can have an extra feed for washing things. Also you can vent off the pressure when you go to disconnect. saves getting water sprayed on yourself.

Is the Black Tank almost full tip

Just before the black tank gets to the right full stage the toilet will start to sound a little different and a small burp or bubble of air will happen. This means the waste level is above the vent pipe and it’s time to dump!

Finding out how much Propane is left

propane tank gauge

To check the Propane level left in your cylinder check early in the morning and look for a line where the dew stops. Another way is to pour a cup of nearly boiling water down the side of the tank and see where condensation forms. Another option is to weigh the tank. Weighing is one … Read more

RV Sewer Hose flush

When dumping the tanks, do the black tanks first, then the gray tanks. This way the soapy gray tanks water will help clean out the sewer hose.

Remove Pesky Flies with Windex


Too get rid of flies instead of swatting them just spray them lightly with Windex and they will fall to the ground temporarily incapacitated. Then just remove with Kleenex. Better than fly guts everywhere, you actually are cleaning the rig at the same time! 🙂

Cheap Waste Tank Cleaner

Cheap Waste Tank Ceaner

Rather than buy nasty and expensive chemicals for the waste tanks try using a 1/2 cup of good old Borax laundry detergent and 1/4  cup of water softener. The Borax detergent helps control odor and cleans the tank. The water softener makes the water softer and more slippery, preventing waste from sticking to the walls of the … Read more

Window foil

RV Window Foil

Use bubble foil, like in the car front windows in your rig windows to reduce heat in summer and keep heat inside in the cold. You can buy it by the roll and cut to fit each window. Also work’s well in the bedroom to block out early daylight, or for nice darkness during afternoon … Read more