What About an Extended Warranty for the RV?

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RV Extended Warranties – Introduction

When my wife and I purchased our brand new Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel three years ago we had to make the decision on whether to buy extended warranty coverage or not. Normally I don’t buy extended warranties on most of my purchases but in this case for several reasons we decide to bite the bullet and pay for the extended warranty coverage.

Our Cougar trailer

Reasons Why We Bought the Extended Warranty

  • Peace of Mind – The last thing we wanted to worry about on our RVing trips was a huge unexpected repair cost.
  • Resale Value – We weren’t sure how long we would hang onto the Cougar Fifth-wheel and the transferable warranty may come in useful.
  • Complexity of the RV – I’m pretty handy, but I know enough to know there were many things beyond my DIY capabilities. RV repair shop labor costs are very high.
  • Big Dollar Items – The RV has many expensive specialized components that can lead to thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

How Did We Choose the Extended Warranty?

I’d like to say we did a bunch of research and sought advice on the best company and policy to go with, but that wasn’t the case. We were so giddy and caught up in the big purchase we went with the company our dealer recommended. Not that it has been a problem or anything but in hindsight, I would have contacted an RV insurance broker. That way I could have shopped around for the best rates and only bought the coverage we really needed. We likely paid too much and are over-insured now but live and learn as they say.

Should You Get an Extended Warranty for the RV

Yes!  After spending the last three years traveling around the country in our RV I’m now a big believer in a solid extended RV warranty. If you have followed my blog for any length of time you have read about the many repairs the rig has needed. So far we have been extremely lucky and haven’t been hit with a major costly one. But I feel that has been mostly luck, I’m sure our time is coming. My confidence in the quality of RVs these days has drifted lower and lower the more miles we put on her and as each new failure crops up.

I’ve spoken with many fellow RVers who tell me about big dollar repair costs to things like slide outs, fridges, axles, cracked waste tanks, bent/broken frames, etc. on relatively new RVs. The way these things are put together in an assembly line manner, you just never know what things under the glossy exteriors didn’t get put together quite right. Also, more and more of the high ticket items in the units are being shipped in from China to keep costs down. In my opinion, quality has been sacrificed. Your best defense is a decent extended warranty for the RV.

Who Do I Recommend?

The next time I’m looking for an extended RV warranty I will be calling WholesaleWarranties. Several long time RVers whose opinion I respect use them and have great things to say about the service and price they received. I’ve researched the net and they have a terrific reputation. The thing I read over and over is how they are there to speak to even after the sale. Check them out at WholesaleWarranties.com and get yourself a free quote.

Free quote from WholesaleWarranties.com

More Info about RV Warranties

A topic of conversation that arises fairly often among RVers is whether or not to purchase an RV Extended Service Contract, commonly referred to as an RV Warranty, for their rig. These types of policies offer breakdown protection for the mechanical working components of a coach and can offer coverage for a wide variety of components on an RV, ranging from appliances to diesel engines. There are many different RV Warranty providers and the contracts they offer differ from policy to policy, but there are some main features to look for with any given contract. For instance, it is always highly recommended to purchase a policy that is backed by a stable insurance carrier and has a good reputation for easy claims handling. For more details on what to look for when buying an RV Warranty, check out this video from our friends at WholesaleWarranties.com. WholesaleWarranties.com provides RV Extended Warranties at wholesale prices, allowing RVers to buy great coverage for their vehicle direct and without the cost of dealer markup.

RV Warranties can certainly be a polarizing subject among RVers, but we find that most of the confusion arises from miscommunication. As mentioned above, there are a variety of coverage levels, types, and providers on the market and it can be hard to know which option is best for you. When looking to choose an RV Warranty for your rig, you need to consider where your concern lies. Are you mostly worried about a catastrophic failure to a major component such as your engine? Or are you concerned about the whole coach, from the engine to refrigerator and TV to electrical? Knowing what type of RV Repair Bills you can and can’t afford will help you choose the best coverage option for your particular needs, but WholesaleWarranties.com can also help. They are dedicated to educating the RVer about how extended warranties work, how to have realistic expectations of what the policies will and will not cover, and how to choose a provider that will be there for you when you need them most. Additionally, WholesaleWarranties provides free quotes, so you can get an idea of what these different coverage levels might cost you, and decide if that works into your personal budget.

Another reason we have chosen to recommend WholesaleWarranties.com is their dedication to customer service. While WholesaleWarranties acts as a broker of RV Warranties, they do not disappear if you have a problem or question about your contract. If you need them at any point during the term of the RV Warranty you purchased, they are there to help, and it is this dedication to the customer that has allowed them to grow so much over the last few years. Additionally, they choose to only work with RV Warranties that are backed by A Rated Insurance Carriers, and who have a proven history of positive claims handling.

If you are worried that RV repairs might blow your travel budget or are just interested in getting a bit more information, you can Click here to request a Free RV Warranty quote, and a Warranty Specialist from WholesaleWarranties.com will be happy to help you answer all of your questions. Mention that you are a Love Your RV reader and they’ll give you an additional discount off the cost of your policy!

Love Your RV! is a WholesaleWarranties affiliate. Mention that you are a Love Your RV reader and they’ll give you an additional discount off the cost of your policy! – Cheers Ray


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