EZ Snap RV Winter Skirting How-To Videos

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In 2020, we had to spend our winter in British Columbia, Canada. We had enjoyed traveling to the southern USA as snowbirds, but the Covid border closure stopped that. I decided for our comfort and to save on propane and protect the rigs under the carriage. I would skirt it. Since I had previously used an EZ Snap product for my RV window shades, I decided to use their well-known skirting product.

Snow Day Feature Photo

I chose EZ Snap skirting for several reasons. First, it is easy to install; second, after use, it breaks down quickly into a small package for storage; and third, it is much cheaper than custom skirting options. Also, it looks fairly nice compared to many DIY wood and foam board attempts I’ve seen. Our RV Park had restrictions on the look of skirting.

EZ Snap Skirting Pieces

This fall, EZ Snap asked me if I would be willing to record a series of bite-sized video clips about installing the skirting.  I was busy winterizing our boat, and the BC weather in October was rainy and windy, so I told them I could do it in the southwest desert while boondocking. Below, you’ll find a playlist of those clips. I hope they help you. Cheers, Ray

EZ Snap RV Winter Skirting How-To Video Playlist

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