Haloview RD10 Rear View Mirror RV Camera System

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In this video, I demonstrate and review Haloview’s new RD10 Rear View Mirror Camera system. The kit contains a 10″ rearview mirror mounted display featuring touch screen adjustments, built-in DVR, and a forward-facing dashcam.

Also included is an extended-range wireless rear observation camera for the back of the RV. With the 36 foot cable and wireless repeater, the kit boasts a wireless line of sight signal range of 1200 ft and an effective RV hookup range of 80 feet long. 

*Fair Disclosure* I received the Haloview RD10 kit free of charge as a review sample. I’m also a Haloview affiliate making a sales commission on referrals.

For the review, I show you what’s included in the kit, then I hook it up on my truck’s rearview mirror and take it for a demo drive. You’ll get a look at the system in action and view samples of my recorded front and rear camera footage. Then I test out the range by mounting the camera on the RV and taking the truck for a spin. I was able to get hundreds of meters away and still get a signal!

The video wraps up with my likes/dislikes list and a few things I think they can improve. Overall though, I give the Haloview RD10 camera kit a thumbs up, and I will be using it for my RV going forward.

Haloview RD10 Rear View Mirror Camera Kit Review

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