Lubricating the Winegard Batwing Style RV TV Antenna

Just a reminder for those getting ready for the spring RVing season. I neglected TV antenna for the last year or so, and sure enough, it started to seize up.

Our rig has the standard Winegard bat-wing style, hand crank TV antenna. The manual states to lubricate it twice a year with silicone spray. It is important to use silicone lubricant because the crankshaft has a rubber O-ring seal in it. Silicone is safe on rubber and will lubricate the O-ring. Other types of lubricants may damage the rubber seal and cause possible leaks when it rains hard. It takes a few trips to the roof and back, but it gives you a chance to check the other sealants up there anyway.

Winegard RV TV Antenna

Lubricate rubber quad ring on elevating shaft which is below worm gear with silicone spray lubricant at least twice yearly. This will keep the quad ring from becoming brittle which could result in leaks down elevating shaft. Refer to page 7 for removing worm gear assembly. Item #7 on parts explosion. – Winegard User Manual

Winegard TV Antenna Lube

Video Demo of Winegard RV Antenna Lubrication

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