Maiden Voyage with our Boat called Vestri – Sidney, BC to Campbell River, BC

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Maiden Voyage with Vestri – PT 1 Sidney, BC to Maple Bay Marina

Our maiden voyage with our new boat, “Vestri,” begins with a short trip from Sidney, BC, to Maple Bay Marina. In the video, I give you a map overview of the trip and some video footage from along the way.

All went well without a hitch. Looking forward to our journey up to Campbell River. Stay tuned.

PT 2 Maple Bay to Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island

Our second leg of our maiden voyage with “Vestri” takes us from Maple Bay Marina north to Telegraph Harbour Marina on Thetis Island. We enjoyed a beautiful and calm sunny day on the water.

PT 3 Thetis Island to Nanaimo, BC via Dodd’s Narrows

Part 3 of our journey takes us from Telegraph Harbour Marina on Thetis Island north to Nanaimo. Along the way, we transit through Dodd’s Narrows, a narrow passage with high currents. The passage through the narrows has to be timed with the tides and gets lots of boat traffic. One in Nanaimo harbor, we snagged a mooring buoy in Mark Bay near Newcastle Island. A sheltered location for $14 a night.

PT 4 Crossing the Strait of Georgia from Nanaimo to Secret Cove

Part 4 of “Vestri’s” maiden voyage from Sidney, BC, to Campbell River, BC sees us crossing the Strait of Georgia. We leave Nanamio harbor via Departure Bay and spend about 3 hours crossing the open waters before ducking behind some islands again and arriving at Secret Cove.

The crossing goes well, and we spend the night at Secret Cove Marina. The video provides footage from leaving Nanaimo, crossing Georgia Strait, and heading into Secret Cove on BC’s Sunshine Coast.

PT 5 Secret Cove to Ballet Bay on BC’s Sunshine Coast

Part 5 of our journey from Sidney, BC, to Campbell River, takes us from Secret Cove on the Sunshine Coast up Malaspina Strait before we tuck in at a sheltered anchorage called Ballet Bay. We liked the place so much that we spent an extra day hanging out, exploring by dinghy, and swimming in the ocean. Stay tuned for Part 6 as we journey up to Lund, BC.

Part 6 Ballet Bay to Lund Marina, BC

We left gorgeous Ballet Bay after spending two peaceful nights at anchor and continued north up the Sunshine Coast for an overnight stop at Lund Marina. Lund is a small village located at the end of Highway 101. We snagged a berth on a giant floating concrete breakwater dock and took the dinghy ashore to get groceries and some cinnamon buns from the famous Nancy’s Bakery.

Sunlund RV Park Video

PT 7 The Final Leg – Lund to Campbell River, British Columbia

We completed the maiden voyage with our new CHB 34-foot trawler named “Vestri” We left Lund around noon and docked at Discovery Harbour Marina around 4 pm after checking out the Mitlenatch Island Nature Reserve for an hour or so. In the video, some visuals from our cruise and footage around Mitlenatch Island. Enjoy!  

Maiden Voyage with our New Boat called Vestri - 1976 CHB Trawler

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