BougeRV 170 Watt Solar Panel Review

BougeRV 170 Watt Solar Panel Review Feature Photo

In this video, I review a 170-watt solar panel from a company called BougeRV. First, I check over the build quality and inform you of the dimensions, weight, and rated output voltage and amperage. We also have a quick look at the shipping packaging. Next, I set up a testbed using one of my Lion … Read more

Lensun SG510 Solar Generator Review

Lensun SG510 Solar Generator Review Feature Photo

About four years ago I reviewed a small so-called “solar generator” power box called a Renogy Firefly. The Firefly had meager power output and a small 16 amp hour battery capacity. I didn’t find it suitable for RVing so lost interest in these type of products. Lately, though they have become more and more common, … Read more

What Do We Power With 500 Watts of RV Solar?

500 Watts of Solar Feature Photo

In this video, I give a quick overview of our 500 watts RV solar power system. You can see the full detail explanation and diagrams in the past post and video – Detailed Look at Our DIY RV Boondocking Power System I go through all the things it powers in the rig. From devices, we plug … Read more

Replacing Damaged Portable Solar Panel Plus New Mounting

New Remote Solar Panel Installation Feature Photo

Last year I reviewed a flexible type solar panel for a company called Lensun. In exchange for the review, I received the 100-watt panel and controller free of charge. But, what to do with it? I could have mounted it on the roof with my four Renogy panels but decided instead to make myself a … Read more

LYRV Affiliate Links

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Some of the links on the Love Your RV! website are affiliate links meaning I earn a small commission when you buy the product or service from the site I’ve linked to. I only link to products I use myself or highly recommend. Here is a list of my current affiliate links. Lion Energy Products … Read more