Power Queen 40A Lithium Charger & Battery Monitor Review

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In this video, I examine two products from Power Queen. Power Queen is a seller of lithium batteries. Rather than review a battery, though, I wanted to check out a pair of their accessories: a 40 amp lithium charger and a battery monitor display panel with a 500A shunt.

Power Queen 40 A Lithium Charger & Battery Monitor with 500A Shunt

First, I unbox them, review the contents, and then install and give you a demo of each. As a test bed, I’m using my DIY truck toolbox power station, which I’ve been tinkering with for a while now. It currently contains a SOK 280Ah lithium battery, SRNE 40 amp solar controller, 40 amp Renogy DC-DC charger, and a 1500 watt ALFFAA inverter.

truck box schematic

Power Queen Charger and Battery Monitor Install & Demo Video

Besides the dislikes below, the charger and battery monitor seem to work well so far. I’ll return with a second review video on its long-term performance in a few months.


  • I couldn’t get the shunt power socket to work, so I removed it and soldered the wire in place.
  • The battery charger hook-up ring connector was too small in diameter for the shunt stud.
  • No fuse on the power wire to the shunt.
  • The charger fan is fairly loud.

This is a longer-term update on a pair of products from Power Queen: their 40 amp LIFEPO4 type lithium battery charger and battery monitor. Both seem to work pretty well for the money.

Fair Disclosure: I received a review sample free of charge. I received no money and maintained full editorial control over the video content.

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Power Queen 40 A Lithium Charger & Battery Monitor with 500A Shunt Installation and Demo

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