RV Roof Reseal & Refresh – Alpha Systems Top Coat, Lap Sealant & Roofing Tape

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Our Keystone Cougar fifth wheel recently turned 10 years old. Over the years, I’ve always done a decent job of cleaning and maintaining my roof. Spending a lot of time on the rainy west coast, it is a priority to prevent leaks or else end up with a moldy, rotting camper. So. I was happy when I discovered that Lippert had become the distributor for Alpha Systems roofing products.

Back in April, during a stretch of sunny weather, I had used their SuperFlex roofing material and replaced my slide-out rubber roof membrane. I noted at the time that our main roof also required some TLC. However, being in not too bad of shape, I would add a paint-on acrylic roof coating from Alpha Systems rather than replace the whole membrane.

New Slide Roof vs Old Main Roof
After Applying the Alpha Systems Roof Coating

ALPHA 4034. This water-based, acrylic sealant is formulated to protect and add durability to RV roofing surfaces. Once cured, this sealant reflects heat and light, helping to keep your roof’s surface cooler. It also helps maintain your roof in low-temperature climates.

Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received these product samples free of charge from Lippert.

In the video below, I detail the reseal and recoat of my RV roof. First up is a thorough clean of the EPDM rubber roof material and all the existing lap sealant and Eternabond roof tape. Like with any painting, taping, or glue job, surface preparation is the key and takes most of the time. But worth it to get a strong, long-lasting bond.

Cleaning the RV Roof
Cleaning the RV Roof

I started with a stiff bristle brush and a bucket of water mixed with LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner to perform the deep cleaning task. Next, I rewashed with Dawn Dish Soap and a softer brush then rinsed well.  Finally, leftover stubborn stains and the lap sealant were cleaned using Acetone and then Alpha Systems roof spray cleaner.

Alpha Systems Roofing Products
Alpha Systems Roofing Products

Next, I used the Alpha Systems self-leveling lap sealant to redo all my solar panel brackets and other hardware mounted to the roof. I also test out the Alphabond roof tape product by using it to seal my slide’s outer flashing and replace a damaged section of Eternabond roof tape. Early impressions are it’s just as good.

Alpha Systems Non Sag Lap Sealant
Alpha Systems Self Leveling Lap Sealant
Applying Alphabond Roof Repair Tape
Applying Alphabond Roof Repair Tape

Now that I had surfaces cleaned and prepped, it was time to get to work laying down the primer/adhesive layer. When using the Alpha Systems roof coating on EPDM rubber roofs, the instructions say to use their 8010 adhesive first. The adhesive is a liquid white glue that can be rolled or brushed on. As it dries, it turns clear. Recommended setup time is 20 minutes.

Applying the Alpha Systems 8010 Adhesive
Applying the Alpha Systems 8010 Adhesive

Once the glue is set, next up is layer one of the 4034 acrylic top coat. Same deal, rolls or brushes on. Best to do in several smaller sections since once you put the adhesive layer down, you can’t walk on it. Too sticky! The top coat layer cures in around 5-6 hours, and then a second coat is applied.

Applying the Alpha Systems Top Coat Sealer
Applying the Alpha Systems Roof Coating

The estimated coverage for 1 gallon is 200 square feet. I found 1 gallon of adhesive and 1 gallon of the top coat sealer were able to do the job on my 30-foot fifth wheel roof with about a fifth of a gallon leftover in each bucket. (Note: I didn’t do underneath my solar panels.)

Special Note: The seal and topcoat should only be applied to roof membranes that do not exhibit any leaking. This product is not intended to function as a patch. If your roof is leaking, we recommend that you take it to a service center for evaluation

Video Detailing the Roof Reseal and Top Coat


So far, I’m impressed with the quality and ease of applying all the Alpha Systems products I’ve tried. Happy to note they are made in the USA. I’ll come back in 6 months or a year and update you on how things have held up long-term.

One nice feature of this roof coating is its self-compatibility, so another coat can be easily added when needed. Cheers, Ray

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RV Roof Seal and Refresh with Acrylic Roof Coating from Alpha Systems plus Alphabond roof tape and non sag lap sealant

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