Big List of Long Term RV Product Review Updates

Big List of Long Term RV Product Review Updates Feature Photo

In this video, I provide long-term updates to many products I have reviewed, installed, and used for years in the RV. The vast majority of the products have worked out well for us. If you’re interested in some that didn’t, here is a link to a previous video of some that didn’t. – Dud List Original … Read more

15 RV Odds and Ends Product Review Updates

15 Odds and Ends Review Update Feature Photo

I know from experience that my viewers like it when I come back with longer-term review updates. There is nothing quite like using a product for a year or two in the real world to see how it truly performs. More likes and dislikes can crop up, plus a test of the product’s durability. So … Read more

Details of Cabin Leaks & Wood Rot Discovery in our Boat

Multiple Cabin Leaks and Some Wood Rot Feature Photo

In this video, I review multiple leaks we have discovered in our CHB trawler boat since we bought it in June 2023. These cropped up during sustained heavy rains. Most related to leaking teak hatches and solved for the time being by attaching their Sunbrella covers before heavy rains. The most concerning is a leak … Read more