5 Stupid Things I Have Done To Damage My RV

Flat Tire

Reading through my blog you may come to the conclusion that I’m a pretty competent RVer and would never do something completely bone-headed. Hah! Even the best of us is going to have their moments. I count myself lucky that I haven’t done anything to cause injury or major financial cost, but I done some … Read more

The not so Glamorous Side of Fulltime RV life

Fulltime RV life

Parked in a driveway and gone to the dogs You may have noticed I have been MIA as far as blog posting recently. Since we arrived back in Victoria BC from snow birding down south both Anne and I have been on the go constantly. I had promised my sister to house sit for her … Read more

Black Ball Line MV Coho Ferry Trip

MV Coho ferry

When returning to our home on Vancouver Island we generally like to take the Black Ball Line MV Coho Ferry.  It departs from Port Angeles, Washington crossing the Juan De Fuca Strait 2-3 times per day. There are several reasons we prefer this way back over other routes to Victoria. Border Crossing and Ferry Trip … Read more