Stranded on the 101 Highway in Northern California

Stranded on the 101 California Feature Photo

A warning light I’d never seen before suddenly began lighting up intermittently on our old 1994 Ford F350 diesel trucks dashboard. It simply displayed the words “Fuel Filter” in red letters. It only seemed to come on when we were pulling steeper grades with the trailer in tow. Since we were traveling along highway 101 … Read more

Tadibrothers Wireless License Plate Backup Camera Review

Tadibrothers Wireless License Plate Backup Camera Feature Photo

Last fall I published installation and review posts for a Tadibrothers brand wireless backup camera system for our RV. Recently Tadibrothers offered to send me another of their products. It’s an easy to install wireless backup camera, that attaches to a vehicle’s license plate. I agreed to review it based on how much I’ve liked the first camera system. … Read more

Kemberly Atwood RV Ladder Safety Tip

Cracked Ladder End Caps Feature Photo

Just a little RV safety tip. If you have an Atwood RV ladder like mine, it uses plastic end caps to hold the metal ladder steps in place. Over time I’ve found they get brittle and begin to crack. Sometimes they split right in half. A big safety issue. It’s a good idea to inspect them … Read more

RV Fire Safety Tips and Advice

RV Fire safety tips and advice feature photo

We’ve all seen those horrific photos and video footage of RV fires. The way RVs are constructed, and the materials used lends them to burn and go up in smoke extremely quickly. If inside you literally have seconds to escape. To hopefully keep that from happing to you I’ve decided to publish some common sense RV … Read more