Black Butte Lake Recreation Area Camping, Northern California

Orland Butte Campground Feature Photo

A look at the Black Butte Lake Recreation Area, located between Sacramento and Redding, California, about 10 miles west of Interstate 5. The video includes some dashcam footage and information about the two campgrounds, Orland Butte and Buckhorn. It also includes video footage from the Black Butte Dam observation overlook and down along Stony Creek. … Read more

2023/24 Snowbird Trip – March 13th Update

2023-24 Snowbird Trip Update Feature Photo

In this video, I update you on what we have been up to the last couple of months and plans for the last part of this snowbird trip. We spent February and part of March back down near Ajo, Arizona. The desert in this part of Arizona is one of the lushest in the country. … Read more

Repaired Intermittent Power to Electric Trailer Brakes

Intermittent Trailer Brake Repair Feature Photo

As we started our snowbird journey south, we ran into a hiccup on the first day in the USA. After crossing from Victoria, BC, to Port Angeles, Washington, we were heading down Highway 101 along the Hood Canal when a warning message appeared on the dashboard. “Check Trailer Brake System”. Also, “Service Trailer Brake System” … Read more

2022-23 RV Snowbird Trip – December Update

2022 23 Snowbird Trip December Update Feature Photo

Video showing where we camped in December 2022 with information about each place.  Our travels continue deeper into the southwest desert, from the Dove Springs OHV area to Mojave, the Salton Sea State Park, Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Saddle Mountain BLM, then down to the Ajo region of southern Arizona. For more information on each … Read more