Tekonsha Primus IQ Brake Controller

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In continuing my RV Product reviews next up is my Primus IQ Brake Controller. I’ve been using it for about 2 years now installed in my 1994 F350 Ford Truck towing 9000 lbs. worth of Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel. I’ve logged around 35,000 in that time and been on all types of roads.  I’m very pleased with the performance of the Tekonsha Primus IQ Brake Controller.

Primus IQ Brake Controller photo
Primus IQ in active mode showing connection is OK


The controller was very easy to hook-up even though my old truck didn’t have the newer standard controller harness that would have just plugged in to the Primus. The unit came with a wiring harness and instructions for hooking up to the various truck brands color codes. Once I located the older Ford color codes it was a matter of splicing together 4 wires. Unlike the older controllers there was no need to set the Primus IQ at a certain angle it auto magically figures it out and applies the proper braking voltage depending on the terrain. So that made it easy to fit nicely in my truck dash. I placed it in a spot where I could see the read out and reach it easily if manual braking was required.


The only major set up needed was to drive the trailer on some gravel surface and adjust the voltage so the trailer tires lockup, then try it on pavement and set it so they don’t. After a little experimenting I found a perfect setting allowing nice even braking without locking the brakes and skidding.


  • Digital readout – displays the current voltage during braking, connection status and error codes if a fault is detected.

  • Brake Boost – adds an extra amount of braking power to the initial braking of the trailer. Three levels are available with a push of a button.

  • Manual lever –  allows you at anytime to press it and manually apply the brakes. If the trailer were to begin to sway too much you can use this lever to control the trailer.

  • Snap-in Mount – this allows you to easy remove the controller when not using or use in more than one vehicle.

  • Works in reverse for backing into camp spots.

Primus IQ Brake Controller photo
Displaying Boost Setting Level 2

My Experience

I find that when traveling at highway speeds I like to have the Boost set to #2, that way if emergency braking is needed there is a little extra grab on the trailer brakes. But in the city this can be a little jerky so I dial down to no boost or setting #1.

I had a failure in my trailer brake system, an intermittent open wire. The Primus IQ Brake Controller alerted this to me by flashing an error code alerting me to the fact I had no trailer brakes. Nice to know since I was towing in very hilly terrain that day!


I’d say after a bunch of towing under my belt with this brake controller I would recommend it to anyone looking for a decent controller with great features. It has never let me down and provided nice smooth braking during my many journeys.

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