Tip for Hard to Reach RV Waste Valve

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Our 2011 Keystone Cougar trailer has three waste dump valves on her. One for the black tank and two grey tanks. The black tank and the grey tank valves that empty the shower/bathroom and toilet tank are conveniently located inside the driver side basement storage door.

But, the second grey tank valve for the kitchen sink waste is located between the trailer tires below the middle of our large living room slide out! This means when the slide is deployed I have to get on my hands and knees and crawl under it to empty the galley waste tank.

Recently I had enough and came up with the idea for an extender pole. A simple yet effective solution. I bought a section of PVC plumbing pipe and notched out the end in such a way that I can now open and close the galley waste valve from a distance.

This little invention does the job quite nicely, no more dirty or skinned knees.

Valve pole tip

Dual purpose the Pole

This waste valve helper pole can also be made dual purpose. Add a line on it at the point where your slide extends too. Now you can use it when arriving at the campground to see if it safe to open the slide without hitting anything.

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