Trojan 6 Volt Batteries RV Install

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I added to the standard 12v deep cycle battery that came with the RV with 2 of the T-105 Trojan Six Volt golf cart type batteries. This update more than tripled my amp hour capacity from 85 ah to 310 ah and gave me a very robust dual battery bank system.  Maintenance is very easy just pop the caps and check the water levels periodically and top up with distilled water when needed.

In the 2 years, I’ve had the batteries I have only added maybe 1/2 a cup to each and that is using them full-time. They are a little more costly than some deep cycle batteries, but I believe the quality and longer life is worth it.  We boondock often and there is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with weak batteries causing the furnace not to run.

I power a 1000w True Sine wave inverter  with the batteries for off grid power and use it to run our iMac computer and LCD TV with never a hiccup.  The combo provides us with clean stable AC power while we are off  the grid.  Usually can go 3-4 days between generator recharges unless camping in very cold conditions which cause the furnace to run more.

Here is my video explaining my Trojan 6 Volt Batteries RV Install


Overall I’m really pleased with the Trojan 6 Volt Batteries RV Install and would recommend them to anyone looking for a little more off-grid capacity.

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