Twist On Waste Valve for the RV

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Valterra Twist-On Waste Valve

I’ve seen these twist on waste gates attached to some other RV’s sewer outputs and always thought they would be a good idea for my Keystone Cougar fifth wheel. My rig has three waste tanks (Black, Galley, and Shower/Bath Sink). The three tanks output pipes all combine into on big output pipe. Sometimes one of the waste valves will have a small leak and dribble some water building up at the end. So when I open the cap to attach my sewer hose I get sometimes as much as a quart of sewage spill out. Yuck!

Sewer Valve Installed in Place

Valterra Twist On Sewer Valve

I usually have a bucket I place under to catch the nasty dribble of water but with my new Valterra Twist On Waste Valve that will be a thing of the past. The Valterra attaches right on the end of the sewer output and provides a final waste gate blocking any leaked out water that got by the other waste valves further upstream.

Also if one of my three standard valves fails or I forget to close one of the valves after dumping it will act as a fallback. This actually happened to me once. Our galley valve is tucked way under the slide in between the trailer wheels. I forgot to close it once, well the next dump, boy did I ever get a surprise when I opened the sewer cap! Sure glad it was just dishwater.

Another neat thing I will now be able to do is equalize my two gray tanks making for longer boondocking time. We always fill up the 40 gallon shower tank well before our 40 gallon kitchen tank. With the addition of the twist-on waste gate I can now open both gray valves and let the excess shower water flow into the galley tank. I think it might be a good idea to tape up the bayonet hook attachment though to make sure it stays in place. I wouldn’t want it to come loose in transit, spraying fellow travels with gray water. 🙂

Hooking it up to Rig Video

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