Use Rice Cooker to Heat Up Leftovers

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Rice Cooker to Heat Up Leftovers

Carole and Eric over atLove Your RV Forum submitted a great tip as a comment on my blog posting “RV Quick Tips

We discovered that reheating leftovers (which we always seem to have) works amazingly well in our rice cooker. We’ve done meat, potatoes, rice, veggies. Just put in a little water with the food and it turns out piping hot and not dried out..

Great little tip! I did a bit of research and there are many online sites with recipes and ideas for using rice cookers for many things beyond rice.
Here is an article I found in the NY Times site about making meals in a rice cooker.

rice cooker

This is a good idea for the RV especially if the weather is hot. Rather than fire up the oven and create all that heat a tasty meal can be created in the rice cooker.

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