Valterra Water Regulator

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I purchased this water regulator because the cheap one included with the RV gave too little pressure to have a decent shower. The Valterra Water Regulator has much better flowability and is adjustable to my preferences.  I usually set it at around 50 PSI and that gives us good pressure and flow in the RV for showering.  Furthermore, I have the piece of mind that the rigs plumbing is protected from excessive pressure that may damage the pipes and fixtures.

valterra water regulator

The unit is made of brass making it durable.  So far I have had it for a year and a half and used it during stays at over 100 campsites and it has held up well.  I really like the gauge as it gives me an instant read on what the campground pressure is doing .  The brass threading and casing seems to be well machined as I haven’t had any issues with leaks. – Ray Burr

Valterra Water Regulator
Valterra Water Regulator

As you can see in the photo above there is an adjustable screw you can use to set your water pressure for your RV.

Nice Overview of Water Regulators from RVEducation101

*Review Update*

Well, I lost my Valterra Water Regulator. 🙁  Was leaving  the campground at Thousand Trails Palm Springs and got to talking to someone while packing up, got distracted and left it on the water tap. So, I decided to give another cheaper unit a try. It was one that was pre-set for 50 PSI with no meter or adjustable. No matter what the campground pressure was I couldn’t get the RV toilet to have decent flow and showers were weak. Disgruntled, I coughed up the extra money for another Valterra Water Regulator and loving the flow and pressure once again. This time, I’m gonna hang on to it. Added the item “Do we have the water regulator” to the RV Checklist“.

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