2018 Ram 3500 Truck Review Update – 35,000 KM (21,748 Miles)

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In this video, I give you an update on how our 2018 Ram 3500 truck has performed after 35,000 kilometers. We’ve used twice now on snowbird trips to the southwest USA and back to BC. So, I imagine its seen somewhere between 16,000 to 20,000 kilometers of towing our 10,000 lb 2011 Keystone Cougar fifth-wheel trailer. All and all, it’s been a fabulous truck!

I update you on what maintenance the truck has required, anything that has gone wrong, and a few changes to our initial likes/dislikes. Then I review the various addons I’ve installed over the year and a half we have owned the truck.

So far, I’ve added mud flaps, window visors, floor mats, and a tailgate assist shock courtesy of the folks at etrailer.com. I’ve also installed a dash camera, GPS mount, OBDII scanner, and a DC-DC battery charger.

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2018 Ram 3500 Review Update Video

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2018 Ram 3500 Truck Review Update - 35000 KM

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