2019/20 Snowbird Trip Begins! Ocean Shores, WA

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The latest RV snowbird journey has begun! We set off Nov 1st from Victoria, BC, across the Juan de Fuca strait aboard the Coho ferry to Port Angeles, WA.

After a quick overnight at the local Walmart, the next day headed west to the Washington coast to check out Ocean Shores. We stayed three nights dry camped at the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino just a few hundred yards from the beach.

In this video, I show the camping area at the casino and take you for a walk on the beach. Then we visit the Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge. For November, the weather was excellent, sunny, and temps in the high 50s with low winds. We enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of the beach community during the offseason, very relaxing.

Visiting Ocean Shores Washington Video

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Snowbird Trip 2019 Begins with travel from Victoria BC over to Ocean Shores on the Washington State West Coast

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