2019/20 Snowbird Trip Comes to an End – 14 Day Self Isolation

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Our yearly snowbird trip to the southwest and back has come to an early conclusion as we hit the road back to Canada to self isolate for 14 days and hunker down in an RV Park on Vancouver Island. Strange days indeed, I hope everyone is doing well.

In the video, I update you on how things are going with Anne and me and how our trip concluded as we raced back to Canada. Once my 14 day quarantine period is over, I’ll get to work on some fresh videos for you starting with an updated review on our 2018 Ram 3500, which is closing in on 35,000 KM (21,748 miles). Stay safe, everyone. All the best, Ray

Snowbird Trip Comes to an Early End

For more videos, the trip check out the 2019/2020 Snowbird Travel Video Playlist

2019 20 Snowbird Trip Comes to an End - 14 Day Self Isolation

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