A Great Beagle Life – Memorial to Angie

On October 10th, 2018 we said goodbye to our lovely beagle, Angie. (Angelina Beaglina) She was 15 years 7 months and had several degenerative ailments, it was time. I feel she was ready to depart this life, and I honored her by letting her go before things progressed too far.

I decided to make this memorial video for all the loved her. It includes several video clips and a chronologically ordered slideshow of photos starting from puppyhood right up to her final days. You’ll see she was very well traveled and had a great many adventures!

Folks that came to know Angie through my blog and videos will get to see Angie as a pup and in her younger days before we began the full-time RV life and Love Your RV! was born.
She was a super cutie. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the video, but be warned a supply of tissue may be needed towards the end.Thanks for all you’re sympathetic and heartwarming comments during this tough time for Anne and me. Much appreciated, Ray

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