ActiveStart Soft Starter – New Hard Wired Model Installation

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I continue my electrical upgrades to our 1976 CHB trawler by installing an all-in-one AC surge protector, power monitor, and soft starter device from Active Controls.

The ActiveStart device gets installed directly in line with our incoming 30 amp shore power connection. It can help reduce inrush current up to 50% when high amperage loads like fridge and AC compressors first turn on. It protects the boat’s electrical system by shutting off power if the incoming voltage is too high or low and protects against power surges. It also has a Bluetooth app for monitoring voltage, amps, and watts on a tablet or smartphone.

Active Start 30 Amp Hard Wire Installation

This model has just been released and comes in a metal case to mount and safely use inside the boat or RV. Portable plug-and-play models are also available with either RV or Marine connectors for use on the outside power pedestals. Models come in both 30 and 50 amps.

ActiveStart Plug and Play Models

30A Surge Protector Soft Starter w/Bluetooth Install Video

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ActiveStart 30 Amp Hardwired Installation into our CHB Trawler Boat

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