Aftermarket Power Lumbar Install – 2018 Ram 3500 Truck Seat

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In this video, I install the Rostra ComfortSeat Lumbar Support System. This is an aftermarket addon for our 2018 Ram 3500. We went for the bare-bones interior option when we factory ordered our Ram to save money. We wanted power lumbar support, but to get it we would have had to pay thousands more for an upgraded feature package. So, I decided to add it myself later.

Install was quite straightforward on our Ram. Unzip the side of the seat and wrangle the airbag into place between the seat springs and cushion. Then connect the air tube and zip tie the pump underneath the seat. Then acquire 12VDC power and install the switch on the side of the seat.

My wife who has a chronic bad back is most pleased! 🙂

Rosta ComfortSeat Lumbar Install Video

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Rosta Power Lumbar Support System Installaton into a Ram 3500 truck seat

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