Akaso Trace 1 Pro Dash Cam Review

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In the video, I install and review the new Akaso Trace 1 Pro dashcam. You’ll see its many features, settings, and actual footage from my test drives. The Akaso Trace 1 Pro features front and rear-facing cameras for a 340-degree view, WiFi connectivity via a smartphone app, GPS tracking, Sony Starvis night vision, parking monitor, and much more.

I took it on a 200-mile highway trip, a half dozen city drives, and after dark to check the night vision. At the end of the video, I list out my likes and dislikes.

In the end, I feel the Akaso Trace 1 Pro is just OK, not great but not that bad. With the many cool features, it’s a reasonably good value for the current price of $129 but only if the GPS tracking would work properly. Unfortunately, in my review sample, it didn’t.

*Fair Disclosure* I received this Akaso dashcam free of charge in exchange for a review. However, I’m not sponsored by Akaso and received no monetary compensation. Opinions are my own.

Video Review of the Akaso Trace 1 Pro Dash Cam

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