Allstays Pro for RV Trip Planning

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In this video, I give you an overview of my favorite go-to piece of software for locating camping and finding RVing related services on the road. It’s a web-based browser application designed for use on larger laptop/desktop computers called Allstays Pro. Allstays also makes popular apps for IOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

I give you a look via screen capture of Allstays Pro in action plus how I load and use the downloadable POI lists with my Garmon RV760LMT GPS.

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AllStays Pro (PC/Mac) – Pure information, faster, no ads, privacy, full screen maps, offline use with Google Earth, more filters, layers for traffic, biking, transit, over half a million search combinations.

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Mentioned in the video – How to Find RV Boondocking Campsites in the US Southwest

A look at the Allstays Pro version of the popular Camping and RV app for desktop use -

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