Big Change! A Boat for Anne & Ray – 34′ 1976 CHB Trawler named Vestri

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I have a big/update change to announce. An exciting new life path for my wife and Anne, and me. We still plan to travel and live in our RV for the winter down south. Then come the summer switch and cruise around coastal British Columbia in our new to us 1976 34′ CHB trawler! So we will spit our time living in the RV and the boat.

It’s always been a lifelong dream of Anne’s to liveaboard a boat. She will be the captain and navigator. She has about 30 years of boating experience, mostly in smaller vessels of about 15 – 20 feet. So this will be a new experience for her. I will be the first mate, chief engineer, and ship cook. 🙂

I think this will be a blast, an RV on the water. I look forward to the new adventures, puttering, tinkering, and working on the boat. Much like with the RV, I plan to publish videos about our travels, mods, upgrades, repairs, product reviews, etc. Stay tuned!

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