Big Suspension Upgrades – Installing LCI Road Armor EQ, Wet Bolts, Bushings & Shackles

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In this video, I replace multiple worn OEM suspension parts on our Keystone Cougar fifth-wheel trailer. They get swapped out with heavier-duty replacements from Lippert Components (LCI).

First, the OEM Trail Air EquaFlex equalizer gets upgraded to the beefier LCI Road Armor EQ. Next, the regular bolts are replaced with greaseable bolts along with bronze bushings. A big step up from the existing plastic bushing. Finally, the thin steel shackle links are swapped out for much thicker aluminum ones.

LCI Suspension Parts

Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received the LCI product samples free of charge for the video.

Installation is relatively straightforward and went smoothly for me. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to get the old rusted/worn bolts out. As recommended by the trailer manufacture, I used a two 6 ton jack stands under the mainframe I-beam to support the trailer. Then I used a pair of hydraulic jacks for the axles.

Removing old suspension parts
Removing old suspension parts

Adjusting the hydraulic jacks helped me align the springs so I could remove then install the new equalizer, bushings, and wet bolts. Once everything was in place, the last steps were to torqued the new nuts & bolts then grease the wet bolt zerks.

New LCI suspension parts installed
New LCI suspension upgrades installed

Overall the upgrades should provide a smoother safer towing experience and last much longer. Once I put a decent amount of test miles on this suspension upgrade, I’ll come back with a review video.

LCI Suspension Parts Installation Video

Parts & Tools:

LCI PDF Manuals:

*Update* Road Tested the Suspension Upgrades

In this video, I update you on my recent suspension upgrades from Lippert. I upgraded my old OEM parts by installing new Road Armor Equalizers, heavy-duty aluminum shackles, bronze bushings, and greaseable wet bolts.

Overall I honestly didn’t feel a whole lot of difference in the way the rig towed as the previous Trail Air EQs did a good job. However, I’m very pleased with the extra strength and quality of the new components. I feel the new parts will last much longer than the OEM stuff I replaced.

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Fifth Wheel Trailer Suspension Upgrade Installed Road Armor Equailzer plus heavy duty shackles bronze bushings and greaseable wet bolt kit

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