Bissell Little Green Portable Steam Cleaner Review

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Living in our RV Full Time means we need compact, lightweight appliances to take along with us. One piece of equipment that’s been a great addition to the RV cleaning arsenal is the Bissell Little Green Portable Steam Cleaner. I found this unit while researching for a compact portable unit with enough power to tackle the job of cleaning our Fifth Wheel carpets, upholstery and the truck interior as well. Also having two beagles at the time we needed a quality steam cleaner to handle the hair and dog smell they produce.

Bissell Little Green - ProHeat Frontview
Bissell Little Green – ProHeat Front View

The features I like in this unit are:

  • Long AC Cord – The Bissell Little Green comes with a heavy-duty 10 foot cord, ideal for in the RV.  I can pretty well reach everywhere from one plug.

  • Turbo Brush – A spinning brush that is great for deep cleaning the carpet by drawing up embedded dirt and hair.

  • Compact Size – With an RV storage space is at a premium and this unit’s small footprint and height allows storing it down in the fifth wheels basement area.

  • Nice Design – I really like how the brushes, hose and cord neatly store and it looks cool!

  • Easy Clean-up – After use it’s just a matter of rinsing out the brushes and reservoirs and it’s ready to stow away.

  • Gets into tight spaces – RV’s are full of weird angles and tight areas a large steam cleaner can’t go. With the small brushes I can clean anywhere.
Bissell Little Green - ProHeat Backside
Bissell Little Green – ProHeat Back View

I’ve had the Bissell Little Green Portable Steam Cleaner for about a year now and used it 5-6 times to do all the carpet in the RV. I usually use the Bissell brand solution but after one trip the dog smell was really bad and the normal cleaning solution couldn’t solve it.  I found a mixture of 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup Borax detergent and water did the trick. The Bissell also does a great job on the RV furniture. We have two chairs and a sofa which I clean and I even use it on the window valances. Another use is the truck carpet and seats. Maybe it would work on the beagle too! 🙂

Video Review of the Bissell Little Green Portable Steam Cleaner

If your Full Time RVer looking for a take along solution to dirty and smelly carpets I highly recommend the Bissell Little Green Portable Steam Cleaner.

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