Boating Day Trip to Cortes Island BC and DOLPHINS!

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On a beautiful calm summer day, Angie and I joined Anne aboard her boat nicknamed Snoopy for a day trip on the waters off of Campbell River, B.C. Our route would take us south around Quadra Island and east to Cortez Island. 

Once we motored into Gorge Harbour through its narrow access channel, we shut off the engine and floated in peace while having an onboard picnic lunch. After our meal, we docked at the Gorge Harbour Marina and took a stroll around the gorgeous resort’s property. They have a nice little RV campground. However, the campsites are on the small side.

Trip to Gorge Harbour on Cortez Island

The best part of our boating day trip happened just before we returned to port. We met a large pod of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins! For 15 minutes they chased the boat and swam all around us. A truly memorable experience.

Video Highlights of Our Boating Day Trip

Photos from the day

Link to campgrounds mentioned in the video
Cape Mudge –
Gorge Harbour –
Thunderbird RV Park –

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