Boeshield T-9 Lubricant + Rust/Corrosion Protection

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In this video, I introduce you to a new to me RV maintenance product I’m testing out called Beoshield T-9. It’s a rust and corrosion prevention + lubrication product developed for Boeing Aircraft back in the day.

Earlier this summer I applied for another similar product called Fluid Film which I bought myself on a recommendation from a few RVer friends. When I posted that video several LYRV channel commenters recommended I try Boesheild T-9. Funny enough the company had also approached me looking for a review. So, I had them go ahead and send out some product samples.

I’ll return in a month or two with a review of both the Fluid Film and Boeshield T-9 and give you my thoughts on each and how they performed for me.

Beoshield T-9 Intro and Demo Video

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Boeshield T-9 Lubricant + Rust Corrosion Protection

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