Boondocking Power Upgrade – 200 Watts + Wiring Update & Mods

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In this video, I add two more Renogy 100-watt solar panels to go with my existing 5 for a total now of 700 watts. I explain how I mounted and wired them from the rooftop all the way down to my battery bank, located in the fifth-wheel trailer from the storage compartment.

I also show you a new mod that I made to the wiring connections and distribution. I cut out part of my RV toilet room wall and installed an access panel. Behind it, I have two bus bars for connecting the negative and positive solar panel wires plus a switchable 40A breaker to act as a disconnect for the solar array.

On the panel front, I mounted my Trimetric Battery Monitor display. From the two bus bars down to the solar charge controller, I ran new cables run beefing up the wire gauge from 7GA to 4GA. The upgrade should help us maximize power harvesting during the short solar days of winter while boondocking in the US southwest.

See more videos detailing the evolution of my solar system over the years.

Parts List:

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Boondocking Power Upgrade 200 Watts plus Wiring Update and Mods

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