BougeRV Lithium Battery Review – Self-Heating 100Ah LiFEPO4

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In this video, I review a self-heating 100 amp-hour lithium battery from BougeRV. Over the years, I reviewed several products from BougeRV and found them to be a pretty good value for the money. I’m still using a pair of their solar panels and two controllers I reviewed.

Battery Test Bed
Testing the BougeRV lithium battery

Tests performed on the BougeRV battery included self-heating functionality, max discharge, max charge, and amp-hour capacity. I also open up the battery and looked at the build quality. At the end of the video, I list my likes and dislikes.

BougeRV battery disassembled
Inspecting internal build quality

Fair Disclosure: The review sample was sent free of charge by BougeRV. However, I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for the video.

BougeRV Lithium Battery Review Video


  • Series or Parallel up to Four Batteries
  • 100 Amp Max Charge/Discharger Rate
  • Nice Case Design & Waterproof IP 65
  • 5-Year Warranty – Rated 4000 Charge Cycles @ 80%
  • Low Temp Heating Pads
  • Full Protections: High/Low Temp, Amps & Over/Under Charging
  • Nice Manual – Support has a phone number
  • It came with DC Power Socket Wiring
  • Fair Price for Specs, Features & Build Quality


  • The Case is Glued Together
  • Stripped Screws on Cell Bus Bars
  • No Bluetooth App

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BougeRV Lithium Battery Review

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